Ruth Lyne

Ruth Lyne Contemporary Glass

inspired by the colours and textures of the coast

I have been working with fused glass since 1998 and now also combine it with silver to make jewellery reminiscent of seaglass or pebbles. 

I don't try to replicate the natural world with my jewellery but I hope wearing it may bring back happy memories of finding the perfect pebble glistening in the sunshine.

 I use layers of Bullseye glass, fusing them together in the kiln at temperatures of over 800°C; combining transparent and opal glass to create pieces that capture a sense of the coast within the colours. Some of the pendants may have been fired five times with each firing lasting about twenty four hours.

Although I am inspired by the coast, I make all my glass jewellery at home in rural Northamptonshire, a very long way from the sea. May be one day I will live on the coast again...