Luna - Bracelet


Luna - Bracelet


This delicate bracelet was made by fusing several squares of clear and dichroic glass together in a kiln. Each firing took twenty four hours and reached a temperature of over 800 degrees Celsius. As the kiln got hotter, the glass softened and drew in on itself forming a flattened ball.

After cooling, the glass ball was drilled and tumbled in fine grit to create a matt surface which revealled the shimmering layer of dichroic glass within. The finished glass was hung from handmade silver rings, individually hammered to add texture and strength.

Finally the silver was blackened to highlight the shimmering blue layer that catches the light with every movement.

Dichroic glass is amazing, from some angles the bright blue layer disappears and the pebble appears clear.

This bracelet is very light and easy to wear.

The glass about 8mm across.

The belcher chain is about 20cm long and is made from sterling silver. It can be fastened using any one of three loops depending on the size of your wrist. It you would prefer a different length please add a note to your order. 

Each bracelet is made to order and may differ slightly from the one in the photographs. 

Please allow a few days for delivery.


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